Ninja Five-0 / Ninja Cop, Game Boy Advance.

Figured it was about time to do some Sherlock pixel art, what with the new season approaching!
Drawsgood Illustration and Design

It’s been a while, but we’re back for Screenshot Saturday. Expect a post about our time at AdventureX fairly soon, but for now enjoy Matt’s pretty art!


Final part of our little animated workout run-through. Workout-Nerd has combined foil, box, cables and his brand new Macbook. Well done. And now: We keep on keeping on and will continue to work on the game design and the rest. And - of course - we take a bow and salute Dominique aka 8bitstars once more. He did a great job designing and animating this friendly lad above.

After way too much pizza and way too much crying our well beloved Workout-Nerd discovers a bunch of cables in his pizza box. Now, what is it?

We are delighted to present part one of the actual visual design of our game in progress: workout - a fitness game out of the pizza box. Thank you so very much Dominique aka 8bitstars.

X-Men, arcade.Read my waffling words about Wolverine’s various sprites here, if you like.

bigger boat required